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MG Administrators LTD - Official member of MDA Condominium and Building Management Section Association

MG Administrators LTD. is dynamic company, that specializes in Condominium Administration, Property management and Turnkey projects. 


Our concept involves innovative solutions within your establishment needs.  With our experience of over 20 years in property management, customer support, marketing and business fields, Malta Gozo  Condominium Administrators offer outstanding services and work on resolving all issues and concerns in a very efficient and professional manner.  Your property will be handled by staff who are fully trained and reliable, to care and deliver quality, service and results.


We  can deal with any type of challenge. From a single family home, to villas and large complexes. Our new solutions will positively affect your yearly budget as to always be a fore runner in the condominium administrator and property manager field.  Bring us a concern, commitment or objective that is not quite working for you, or has never been resolved and we will produce immediate results now.

Property management Malta
Property management Malta



Condominium services Malta


We focus constantly on customer satisfaction and in order to achieve this, we work on understanding our customer's expectations.  We aim high to reach our goal and positively react to any request or concern.  Our condominium administrators and property managers are very customer oriented and will always strive to provide our services to your requirements and needs.   

Condominium administrators malta
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