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Property Management Services

We do not just offer services, but 20 years of experience and professionalism. We offer 5 star services for all your needs and free worries. Expert in our sector in order to offer to our customer reliability and organization for any type of request. 

Only a great team may offer great services!

We all know how precious time is and how time consuming a property may be to organize, manage, design and furnish.  Our property manager may assist you in making your choices .  If you are too busy or live abroad, we will do it for you.  We do all the hassling whilst you sit back, relax, and let the money roll-in.  Communications, 24hr emergency, cleaning, linen, restocking and more, all sorted.

Our services are tailor made for your needs and request:


  • Inspect  your vacant or rented property with routine checks.

  • Handle maintenance and repairs.

  • Check all your equipment regularly.

  • Care for your plants and garden.

  • Prepare your pool.

  • Keep your property clean as requested.

  • Represent owner in general condominium meetings.

  • Follow up with contractors or repairmen that the job is being done effectively and in a timely manner.

  • Open the door to any agents as required.

  • Collect rent from tenants.

  • Deal with any concerns or complaints.

  • Handle emergencies when necessary.

  • Handle move outs .

  • Check on any vandalism or damages.

  • Legal Property consultancy.

  • Accounting Property consultancy.

  • Prepare welcome flowers

  • Stock any food stuff if required before any your visits.

  • Keep a list of all inspections done.

  • Manage your bills.

  • Keep a record of all expenditure as regards to maintenance, repairs, insurances or bills.

  • Prepare your property  with any your requests.

  • Other Services on request



We offer a 24/7 help desk that will assure you prompt assistance for any emergency.

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