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Garage Administration



We at MG Administrators may also administer the common area of the garages.  We understand how at times difficulties may arise when multiple garages are all under one roof.

Entrust our managing expert to take care of all these issues at a very low cost.  We will set a meeting to ensure that all issues are addressed and all the running’s for the maintenance and garage management are under control.

Our Services

  • Register the Garage administrator with the land registry as per law.

  • Transfer utilities accounts.

  • Set up a meeting to decide on costs, contributions and concerns recommending a money fund enough to cover expenses.

  • Keep all the meeting minutes.

  • Fix a notice board in the garage area and fix notices with the relative dates.

  • Offer the best deal for an adequate insurance to protect the garages from fire and possible damages protecting the common parts.

  • Keep a record of all statements and receipts in order to present at the meeting if requested.

  • Set extra  meetings when  required.

  • 24/7 emergency help desk.

  • Ensure that all wishes of the garage owners, by email or during the meeting are all addressed and  a solution found efficiently and effectively.

  • Garage cleaning facilities

  • Electrical and plumbing.

  • Lift repairing and Services.

  • Other Facilities.

  • Supervise works being done and have regular visits to ensure that all is running smoothly and in adequate time frames.

  • Make sure that all owners are abiding by the rules and  regulations and  tackle any complaints or concerns with care and professionalism.

  • Address any issues and concerns by the garage owners to lawyers or insurances as deemed  necessary.

  • Represent the garage owners in any court sitting as required by law.

  • Suggest and implement a save plan for your building with an energy saving  program.

  • Legal consultancy

  • Accounting consultancy.

We offer a 24/7 help desk that will assure you prompt assistance for any emergency.

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