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Property Management

Would you leave the key of your home to anyone? NO ! Neither us! 


We at MG Administrators manage from small apartments to luxury large properties with a professional, high standard of service.

MG Administrators means professional property management in Malta! Whatever you use your property for, personal vacation or rent, MG Administrators will have all the solutions for your needs. Obtaining high quality management for your property, provides the owner with a high value when selling or renting. We at MG Administrators will always try our best to make sure that all is done within your target time frames. 

Keeping a vacant or rented property in good condition is essential for maximum value of your property. 


With us you will be worry-free since MG Administrators come with experience and are very reliable to care and upkeep your property in the best of manners.  We at MG Administrators strive to meet the needs and exceed in our expectations.

Different Solutions and Plans for your needs...

For your personal use

Tailor Plan, Manage and upkeep the property for your personal use when you are not in Malta. A free tailor made quotation will be offered to you in order to cover your needs. 

Do you also need management for your motor or boat? Click here.


If your intention is to rent your property 

Different agreements and options available as below

  • Mix Plan, Management fee plus a percentage on the rental price.

  • Percentage Plan, based only on the percentage of the rent.

  • Freedom Plan, we are renting, subletting your property and guarantee you with a fixed amount monthly.

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We offer a 24/7 help desk that will assure you prompt assistance for any emergency.

Click here to see a list of our services.

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