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Why Malta?

Malta is a beautiful island situated in the heart of the mediterranean sea.  It forms part of a few other islands and has been described. As one big open air museum. The scenery and architecture provide spectacular background to the island and the history that is so visible till today makes Malta very unique.


The Maltese islands have a very pleasant climate all year through and warm weather can last even until late October.  The Maltese people are very friendly and usually tolerant to foreigners.  They respect the freedom of different opinions and beliefs. The official languages used are Maltese and English.  Italian,  French and spanish are widely spoken around the islands.


Malta covers just over 316km"2,  therefore this makes it very easy to move around. A car is not a must since one could move very easily by public transport or on foot.  It is so easy to make a day trip or to travel since direct flights are available in a vast variety of countries. There are many public footpaths and parks not excluding Malta's beautiful sandy beaches where one can relax and enjoy their day.


The island is very peaceful and the cost of living is standard.   Malta is also very safe.  There is a strict control on weapons and there are no dangerous animals or fish.  Also risk for earthquakes,  hurricanes or natural disasters are very low.   If in need,  Public health departments are always open.


One could alway find a variety of job opportunities.  If moving with children,  Malta offer a wide selection of private or state schools. It is easy to move your business here and MG Administrators may help you with purchasing your home and relocating in Malta. 


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